Please EP

by Ys Atlov

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M@t & Golem XIII production 2014


released December 5, 2014

Mastering by Peter Rainman
Design & Art Direction by Akiza
Photography by Frédéric Fontenoy
Hair stylism by Nouvelle Scène



all rights reserved


Ys Atlov Paris, France

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Track Name: Please
I wish you could stay when everyone has to go back home
It's so different when you're here
I even forget my beer

You think it's OK, that I enjoy being all alone
But I have to face the fear
That one day you would disappear

Please let me know that you are looking for more
Tell me that I am right
Tell me that I am right
Oh please don't go, I think I know but I wanna be sure
Stay with me for the night
Stay with me for the night

At last it's no fun, it feels like I was on the rebound
Then I grab a cup of wine
Singing out that you'll be mine

I keep dreaming on but all you do is fooling around
Darling you should make up your mind
Or you'll have to stand in line


I wish you could stay when everyone has to go back home

Track Name: The Eastender
Follow me you know
You can trust me
No way back home today
I will make you stay

One more drink to crutch
'Cause you think too much
Come closer my dear
There's nothing to fear

But I want to know what's inside of you
To turn you into my artwork
And together at the human border we'll get higher than ever
Than ever

Grab you by the hip
As you fall asleep
Then a little fleck
Appears on your neck

Kiss me one last time
Lying on the wine
Reflecting the moon
I must leave you soon

Track Name: You can't fool me
I'll forget your name
And walk away with no shame
Did you think I had no guts?

We went out of the frame
In this regulated game
Never scared of getting nuts

And you keep asking me why
I let my feelings to die
Maybe I just had enough

I'm not afraid to blame
My ridiculous flame
Never scared of getting rough

When the night comes
The curtain's drawn and you're not there
You can't fool me
I wait for the dawn
And for the lies you will tell me
But now you see it's history
You can't fool me
You can't fool me

Anyway we looked fine
In front of this stupid line
That no one would ever cross

But I chose to be blind
Ignoring what was behind
Hoping that it would save us

You didn't care and destroyed
My reliance like a toy
Maybe it is not a loss

I run away from pain
And you say I'm the villain
Darling you are really tough

Track Name: Oh my God how did I get there?
Waking up my bed's fucked up
I'm down on the ground
Feels as if I was still drunk
But never mind
Staring at the sleeping guy I've just met
I already know
I'm gonna regret

I try to make sense with that puzzled yesterday
The kisses so tasty so hot
The games I did play
On one hand I wanna stop
It's much too long
On the other hand I've got
My heart and my tongue

I feel like drinking more and more tonight
Just keep forgetting all the rest wondering why
Oh my God how did I get there?

Hoping that I would die
By acting this way
Pushing out my girlish limit
Away and away
I just wanna have fun
My life is too short
Just filling this emptiness
With my favorite escort